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Stay Little in the Middle with these Holiday Portion Control Tips

The holidays are here!! Celebrating with food is one of the finer things in life so how do we navigate them and still fit in that gorgeous dress you may or may not have spent too much money on (Shhh. I wont tell if you don't) and feel good on the inside? Portion control!

There are going to be tons of options that look amazing and delectable in the coming holiday season. For starters, looking delicious and being delicious are two totally separate things.

There are going to be tons of options that look amazingly delectable in the coming holiday season. For starters, looking delicious and being delicious

are two separate things and just because you "always eat it every year", doesn't mean you have to this year. Opt for items that were handmade with love in an actual human beings kitchen. Even if its not the "healthiest" of choices, foods that are made by your mother or friend will automatically have a higher energetic quality than processed, industrialized food. Translation? Real food means real nutrition for your body. Feeding the body nutrient dense foods will make you fuller faster than lifeless, refined carbs made by a machine and sold in the bakery isle.

Now lets get started shall we? While we are waiting (starving) for that amazing turkey or roasted vegetable dish to be done, fill in your time chatting it up in those to die for heels by munching on healthy snacks like veggies and dips, chips and salsa, nuts and dried fruit. Besides keeping the holiday hangries away this will helps you not overfill your plate when the meal is served-finally!

Next! You are seated at the table, yes seated, and waiting for all the steaming hot, incredible dishes to make their way to you. Tap the brakes just a bit here. Take a small spoonful or portion to start. What on earth do I mean? Take one bun and pass it on my friend. You can always go back for seconds later.

(If this concept is especially difficult for you opt to use a smaller appetizer plate. This gives your brain the idea that you have more food than you actually do and you will serve yourself an average of 200 calories less in the long run).

Have presence with your meal. If you take your time to chew mindfully and eat focusing on your food and not your cousins blue eye shadow, you are feeding your body, mind and soul.

Mindless eating leads to expanding waist lines.

Load up on healthy proteins such as turkey, ham, broccoli and asparagus as well as dishes made with healthy fats like grass-fed butter, olive oil and coconut oil. Proteins and fats give the body a feeling of satiety and slow down damaging sugar spikes, not to mention they are loaded with nutrients your body and soul crave.

Go ahead and go bananas with veggies and salad dishes as long they are not loaded with refined sugar and full of suspect dressings (think marshmallows and ranch dressing!).

Keep your plate colorful to ensure you are choosing delicious and nutritious foods. Its easy to pile on turkey, stuffing, buns and mashed potatoes, but if your plate is all white, you're doing it wrong.

Now for the dessert! Your brain and body is almost always satisfied after the first two bites of something sweet, so keep the sweets, cakes, cookies and pies to a minimum. Three pies to choose from what do you do? Call a nun and an electrician? No silly! Take an inch sliver from each to allow your palate and soul be fed. This isn't just about keeping off the weight. Its about family and celebration.

Just remember, its the flavor and enjoyment of having a treat you are looking for here, not filling your 1,500 calorie a day diet.

(this is the perfect time to use a small appetizer or tea plate).

Lastly, the stomach is a little slow in letting that other big player, the brain, know we have had enough. Give yourself a 20 full minutes in between plates to give your stomach time to signal the brain that you are full and satisfied.

Now get out on the dance floor in that dress my friend!!