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Erry' Day I'm Brusslin'

Seriously though I LOVE BRUSSELS SPROUTS. Now that I'v learned to cook them that is.

These adorable baby cabbage looking beauties are super easy to prepare.

I Package of Brussels

1 Small to medium onion

Salt, pepper and garlic


Cut all brussels length wise and throw into a pan with melted butter or preheated oil.

Once they just start to blacken throw in the onion. Use whatever onion you have on hand. White, red, yellow? Don't matter. If you are using fresh garlic put that in at this time as well.

Allow the onion and brussels to cook together on medium heat until thoroughly blackened. This is going to take awhile. Not sure they are done? Pick one up and eat it AFTER you blow on it. They should look like this...

Toss some salt and pepper in there along with a light dusting of garlic powder.

Don't over think this super easy this dish! You don't have to have baked salmon, a turkey dinner or prom dress on to incorporate these into your life. Iv been known to enjoy mine with breakfast dishes and pizza.