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Oral Care for the Whole Family

Taking good care of your teeth isn't just good for your pearly whites. Its vital to the health of your entire body.

Did you know that bacteria and tartar build up can cause mild to severe infections that travel through your bloodstream wreaking havoc on other body systems?

Poor oral health is linked to heart disease, lung diseases, diabetes, stroke and an whole slew of other nasty. The same goes for our furry friends!

Iv had two major scares in the last two years regarding my dogs surgical dental cleanings. One ended in tragedy because my little was not able to make it through recovery being a senior with 6 teeth pulled.

Since then I have switched my dogs to a raw food diet (more on that coming soon!) and started FINALLY brushing their teeth knowing that their food is a huge part of the problem (more later I swear!).

Impossible you say? Au contraire! Brushing dogs teeth isn't difficult ESPECIALLY if you have started them at a young age. But if you didn't don't despair. We started when mine were the ripe old age of 12!

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks

Below is the recipe I cam currently using for my booskie's toothpaste.

2 Tbsp - Coconut oil

2 Tsp - Baking Soda or add until getting a gritty texture

1 Lg pinch of cinnamon

My dogs loves this flavor. I'm not going to lie and say they are devoted to their brushing yet, but I can tell you a few things with honestly.

1) They don't run or hide

2) They stay to lick any excess "toothpaste" off my fingers

If you want to try mixing up flavors consider bone broth, bullion or peppermint oil.

A few tips before you begin. DO NOT USE human toothpaste for dogs. There are many ingredients in human grade that are deadly for them including commonly used Xylitol.

* Use a children's toothbrush. The bristles are much kinder and the size is easier to work with.

*Let them smell the brushes and paste the day before you want to get started to get them accustomed to the smell and shapes. Use a separate brush for each dog because ick and you don't want to spread any bacteria between them.

* Let them smell the brushes and paste each time you brush. Don't spring it on them like a certain cheap airline that delays your flight 3 times until they admit its been cancelled all along.

*Start small. If you can only do 1 tooth in the beginning that's ok! We crawl before we walk. What you don't want is to have to restrain/wrestle them make it a forced scary experience. This only serves to make you want to open a bottle of wine and makes them fearful.

*Finally, a little dab of peanut butter or soft treat when its all done makes the booskie's forgive mommy and daddy and exhibit bragging rights behavior.