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Earth Day Appetizers

This beautiful space we share that provides for and loves us unconditionally should most certainly be honored more than one day of the year. There are things we can do each day to reduce impact on natural resources. Biking/walking/taking public transportation, remember reusable bags, meatless meals, if its yellow let it mellow, participate in clean ups, cozy up under blankets and furry friends instead of turning the heat up, remember your reusable water bottle!!

My sexy man meat and I not only practiced each one of the suggestions above, we also crafted some vegan appetizers for a get together later in the day.

TADA! Aren't these gorgeous!? The best part is they feed your vegetarian and even more annoying vegan friends. Just kidding about that part. Animal and environmental welfare is a huge subject in our home, so you will be seeing recipes like these often. Don't fret! They're delicious and Ill tell you how to make them.

Lets start with the Beet Hummus. You simply can not ask for a better color spectrum on a plate.

1 Pd Beets

2 1/2 TSPS Himalayan sea salt

2 TBLS Red wine vinegar

1 C Blanched Almonds

1 1/2 C Olive Oil (I like extra virgin for the added nutrient content)

2 TBLS Orange Juice

2 TBLS Lemon Juice

Boil beets in a pot with 1 TSP salt and vinegar until fork tender (roughly 15 minutes).

Drain beets and let cool. Remove skins with vegetable peeler.

Place beets, remaining salt, olive oil, O.J, lemon and almonds in food processor and pulse until smooth.

Serve with a variety of brightly colored veggies and endive.

These appetizers were incredibly easy. We stuffed celery, mushrooms and mini bell peppers with Kite Hill Chive Cream Cheese.

This company is run solely on wind power and uses cultured almond milk for all its products, so its DAIRY FREE. Yes, that's right! Vegan friendly.

For the mushrooms, remove the stems while raw and they will pop right out. We sauteed very lightly in butter to get a more savory flavor, but if you are truly vegan use olive oil (we don't have the proper enzymes to digest raw mushrooms, so always cook just a little). Top the mushrooms with very thinly sliced peppers to add color, flavor and texture.

The celery was cut into 2'' strips and filled half way to make picking up with fingers less messy and more sanitary.

The baby peppers were seeded and tops were cut off at an angle to showcase filling.

Once everything had been stuffed we arranged on a bed of greens (any leafy green will do), generously sprinkled with chives and given a light dusting of paprika for more...COLOR!