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Travel Snacks

Headed to Seattle! Going to enjoy massive amounts of fresh seafood and walk on the wet beach barefoot. Yum! Packing my own snacks for flights is essential in keeping my hanger at bay and staying in line with what truly nourishes me. I'm not going to lie, there are definitely challenges with eating while traveling, but this part doesn't have to be one of them! Don't give in to sugary, trans fat laden, overpriced snacks at the airport. Pack your own! Here are a few easy transport and light weight ideas. Macadamia nuts Fresh Fruit Jerkey Seeds Dark chocolate Protein snack bars WATER - I'm a huge fan of Hydroflask and usually tote around a 40oz. For travel I grab my 22 and refill as I go. A typical 3 hour flight can pull a full liter of water from your body. Picture it another way...average humidity in Denver is 52%. On board a plane...3%.


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