Full Body Detoxification

Now offering seasonal detox plans from the comfort of your own home!

Our body, mind and soul craves to be clean of toxins and stress. 

Our natural cleansing mechanism get bogged down with modern day food, stress and environments. Incorporating a seasonal detox regimen helps our bodies to jump start our weight loss goals, regain harmony in the body and just plain feel good again.

Detoxing means supporting the mind, body and spirit through diet, stress reduction techniques and movement. Let's examine aspects of your nutrition and lifestyle we can modify to be supportive of a detox, but also fit into your daily life.


This exclusive package includes a 45 minute online coaching session that will get you ready for your 14 day plan that is personalized just for you.

You will also receive my custom built detox cheat sheet and supported food list. As an added bonus this package includes 14 days of phone and online support for the duration of your detox!

What you get:

45 minutes consult 

Customized detox plan 

Detailed follow-up email 

FullScript of all recommended supportive supplements 

Accountability and support by email or text for 2 weeks 

Call or email to schedule your in home customized detox plan!

"I was looking to cleanse my body for the 2017. A new start to a new me. Cassandra taught me the ins and outs of doing cleanses such as the no-no's and the to-do's that is individual to me and my lifestyle. She is super knowledgeable with nutrition and my health has definitely improved because of her." Lauren Egle