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Nourishing our minds, bodies and spirits

The core of Sacred Kitchen is simply to teach others what we have forgotten. That food always has been and always will be our best medicine.

At The Give Away Lodge knowings of the body and the natural world have been paired with teachers who are skilled in all matters of spirit and energetic realms. Our skills combined allow for a unique trinity of mind, body and spirit offering a complete medicine wheel.

Our mission is to create a nutritional passage of the body between mother earth, modern day living and something far beyond ourselves. 

The vision of Sacred Kitchen and The Give Away Lodge was created to empower you with the tools to be your own healer.


Together we will create a personalized plan on how to choose  foods appropriate for your body, maintain a cleaner lifestyle, understand your blocks, heal emotional and physical trauma.


Re-connection to our bodies and heart center give us control over our health and creates a sense of appreciation and purpose. 

The road to health and wellness is a journey of transformation. We are here to walk that road with you.

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Pan Seared Shrimp
Pan Seared Shrimp

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I have always had a love for the health and wellness and my first career was a veterinary technician working in shelter environments. Eventually, this medical background steered me onto a more people oriented track with personal training and tutoring special needs children. My experience there and the depression I went through in my 20's taught me the importance of good food in relation to health of the body, mind and soul. 

Back in Minnesota where I was born and raised I'm now the vision keeper of The Give Away Lodge, a spiritual community retreat. With a team of practitioners I have paired my knowings of the body and the natural world with teachers who are skilled in matters of the spiritual and energy realms. Our skills combined allow for a trinity of mind, body and spirit that offer a complete medicine wheel.

 Weather you're wanting  to reconnect with food mother earth or remember your greater purpose were here to connect and create something deeper and more delicious.


Sacred Listening 2020

Yellow Tea

New Years New You Detox


Cassandra provided me with critical support during a difficult time, physically. Her ideas and advice played a key role in my physical recovery from a back/inflammation issue. She is so knowledge, caring & supportive.

Niki Ramirez

My life has changed dramatically after Cassandra re arranged my mind set about my relationship with food. It is to nourish me and my energy level has sky rocketed. Regrouping on foods that are more benificial to my age and body type have enhanced my life. She is very knowledgible on getting the most nutrients from food just by cooking it a certain way, and eating it a certain way. Sacred Kitchen is life changing .

Pamela Charron

Cassandra has a wealth of knowledge in regards to nutrition. I have participated in two of her nutrition and cleansing workshops and I have learned so much from her. After taking these workshops I have changed my lifestyle and relationship to the products that I choose to use. I feel happier and healthier because of it. I would highly recommend participating in one of her workshops or a one on one individualized nutrition session because she has so much knowledge to give, especially if you want to make positive lifestyle changes. She is creative and passionate and this shows through her work!


Thanks for spending so much Reiki time with Wilson and Dori. It helped very much with making some pretty hard decisions. In the last couple months, Wilson has been struggling a bit, but the information and guidance you have given me has been very helpful! Thanks for the suggestions of appropriate oils to help him through some anxiety. Hard to imagine you could help from hundreds of miles away, but you did!! Thanks Cassandra!

Sara Stalter

The Sacred Kitchen program is personalized to each persons issues and challenges.
Cassandra uses her wealth of knowledge using the most current and up to date reports.
Highly recommended.I look forward to listening to her at one of her speaking engagements.

Debra Wiethorn

I was looking to cleanse my body for the 2017. A new start to a new me. Cassandra taught me the ins and outs of doing cleanses such as the no-no's and the to-do's that is individual to me and my lifestyle. She is super knowledgeable with nutrition and my health has definitely improved because of her:) I would definitely recommend her:)

Lauren Egle



For people and their companion animals.

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that transfers and releases energy to support healing from physical or emotional life traumas.

Most common applications are for physical injuries, chronic pain, emotional unbalance and coping with loss.

We use hands off and on techniques to help activate your and your animal companions natural healing process.


Arriving Soon

This practice will be available shortly.
Please continue to check our events for class schedule.


Offering one on one nutrition counseling, group workshops, virtual and in home meetings. 

Sacred Kitchen offers several holistic modalities to assist in you and your pets capacity to feel pain free and healthy in body, mind and spirit. 
Lets discover the real you how nature intended!


Mon - Fri: 9am-7pm
Sat: By Appointment
Sun: By Appointment



Please feel free to reach out! 651-497-9534 or Cassandra@SacredKitchen.org 

Lets get started on your road to transformation today.

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